The Association of Swedish Youth fire brigades is a nonprofit national organization that works to risk awareness is increasing among young people, which leads to an involvement in associations and meaningful leisure. Since 1990, the Swedish Federation of youth fire brigades. Association's mission is to be a unifying agency to represent and defend the affiliated unions' interest.

Youth Fire brigades is a phenomenon with a long history and are found throughout the world with a clear dominance in Europe. The fathers were out fishing. The youngsters to intervene to save the situation - and save lives. That was how it began on the island of Sylt in Germany. In Sweden there were youth fire brigades already in the -40's, a municipality that is documented Vellinge. Two youth fire brigades that have been operating continuously since 1957. Halmstad and Laholm.

Our vision is to Federation of Swedish Youth fire brigades shall be provided in all Swedish municipalities

and also work to increase our national work.

What is CTIF?

Comité Technique International de prevention et d'extionction de Feu bildadesw in Paris around 1900. '

CTIF working for the international exchange of experience in the field of fire and rescue. They have international competitions every two years in which Sweden participated. Read more.....

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